In their simplest form, these videos provide the viewer with instructions on how to create or do something.  While there is a huge market for paid online training courses, some businesses opt for the not-directly-monetising route. By giving away this information for free, you make yourself the expert in your field and develop brand awareness.  Like crowd funding videos, the audience for these videos have a longer concentration span than the average online browser, as they have a specific interest in your content; you are going to help them solve a problem.  To that end, the average YouTube watch-time does not apply here.  Depending on the nature of the content, these videos can be as long or as short as you like.  A cocktail bar may want to go for short videos in their cocktail DIY series because they want to use them as social media fodder, whereas a computer repair business may want to go with a longer format for their DIY series because reformatting Windows takes a little longer than making a whiskey sour.

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