Crowdfunding is a huge industry now and these public pitches are much more likely to succeed and each their target if they include a video on the page.  At 2-5 minutes in length, these videos tend to be a little longer than other online videos as the audience is a little more invested in the topic.  Hopefully, quite literally.  These videos are a form of project profile; an overview of a product or service in development that the creator is seeking financial support for.  To that end, crowdfunding videos are often more successful if they include dialogue or a voice over, instead of onscreen text.  This helps the viewer quickly consume the info and decide on whether to invest or not.  Considering the number of live crowdfunding projects at any one time, investors have a lot to choose from, so making the video impactful from the start is essential.  These videos usually consist of an interview, or to-camera piece, with the investee explaining what the project is about, what the funding will help to achieve and what they can offer in return for investment, combined with b-roll of the product or service in action.

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