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It’s a rather pointless title for a post, to be sure. I was just getting a bit bored of reading the test blog we created when designing the website, and a technical website tool told us this wasn’t good enough content.


I thought I’d better write something here to get the ball rolling. So what are we trying to achieve at Shorefront? Firstly, we’re very creative or left-brained people. And speaking for myself, I’d sooner rather watch content than read it. We’d started out as content creators, buried within a marketing department for a music technology company and I was responsible for all the video production. We had a lot of creative freedom to make some pretty awesome videos which ended up being watched by millions of people in total, and I got to mess around with cameras and hone my editing skills. So when the company went belly-up, we decided it was time to strike out on our own and try and remain as creative and as free as ever.

When it comes to our service offering, we make promotional videos for small to medium sized companies. Where we’d like to think we are different is that we like to get behind the story of a company, so rather than work off scripts, we like to ask questions and get behind the ethos that drives a business. This is what gets people engaged with your brand.

We also find that we’re pretty good to get along with. Feeling at ease comes across much more genuinely in video production and we strive for that.

For the technology interested people out there, we film primarily in 4K which gives us lots of options for post production, and while the web is slow to catch up for 4K delivery it’s still something we can offer. It also means we can get a very good picture quality from our cameras and colour it for more of a cinematic feel.

we’re also really into our audio so we use mega high-end recording gear including shotgun microphones, wireless mics and external recorders to capture our sound. There’s nothing worse than watching a really nicely shot video that only uses the distant-sounding on-board camera microphones. Yuck! When you have good quality sound, you’re more drawn into the video as if you were in conversation.

So now you know where we are coming from, perhaps you’d like to work with us? No pressure, of course 😉


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Dan Sherratt

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