We specialise in corporate and promotional videos.


We take the complexity out of video production
so you can concentrate on your business.

Video production, simplified.

As a professional, your time is your greatest asset.  With so much to do, the last thing you need is to have to wrap your head round another profession to ensure a project goes smoothly.  You need to have full confidence that your chosen supplier will deliver the required material in a timely fashion and with as little fuss as possible. That’s why at Shorefront Films, we’ve simplified the production process so that you can continue to focus on your work, safe in the knowledge your project is in good hands.

Once we’ve discussed your project, we process a few pre-production documents to ensure we’re all reading off the same page and we’re away! We get to work developing any required scripts or storyboards, arranging locations, crew and equipment and any other production elements the project might need, only touching base with you when absolutely necessary.  During filming and post-production, our team draw on their huge wealth of experience and make the difficult production decisions for you so that the process goes smoothly, quickly and with minimal disruption to your work.

Broadcast quality, lightning delivery.

Our simple work ethos is not the only reason our clients love working with us.  A smooth, enjoyable process is all for nothing if the end result is substandard or delivered after it’s needed.  So we pride ourselves on these factors as well.  Our team of camera operators, sound recordists, Videographers, editors, directors, producers and scriptwriters are all seasoned professionals with whom we have worked for years.  We arm them with some of the best equipment our industry offers so that every part of our production process is optimised for the highest possible quality.

In addition, we have developed a working methodology at Shorefront Films that allows for industry leading turnaround times.  In most cases, we deliver our end product to the client within 2 weeks of the final filming date.  We also have an express service for clients looking to go live with their new video within 1 week of filming.  For those looking for even faster turnaround, we have a real-time delivery service that will have your final renders with you in a matter of days.  This service is popular with clients hosting events or conferences which require a promotional video to be filmed on day one and delivered on day two.

Which type of video do you need?

Company Profile

Company profiles are usually 2-3 minutes long promotional videos that explain to your prospect customer who you are, what you do and why you do it better than the competition. These videos are usually interview-driven, meaning someone from your business is interviewed and that interview forms the driving narrative for the video.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are a great way to make noise about a new product or simply show off all the features and unique selling points of an existing product.  They are usually 1-2 minutes long and having either a voice-over or a presenter, depending on the kind of product.  These are great conversion tools for product pages and really help to sell more.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are short videos that feature a previous client describing an amazing experience they had with your business.  Usually no longer than a minute long and shot in a ‘talking-head’ style, these videos are very powerful when it comes to convincing your prospects that your business is the one to go for over your competition.


While not directly monetising, ‘how-to’ or instructional videos are great marketing tools. Around the 2 minute mark, they simply provide the viewer with instructions on how to create or do something.  By giving away this information for free, you make yourself the expert in your field and develop brand awareness.


Crowd-funding is a huge industry now and these public pitches are much more likely to succeed and reach their funding target if they include a video on the page.  At 2-5 minutes in length, these videos can afford to be a little longer than other online videos as the audience is a little more invested in the topic. Literally.


Events are amazing opportunities to create engaging and shareable content.  Whether it’s an event you are running or one that you have a stand at, creating a video of the day will not only give you material to shout about after and use as marketing fodder, but it also give your fans that couldn’t join you the chance to see you in action.

Brand Films

Often set to music with no narration, brand films are an excellent way to showcase your business.  These videos tend to focus on aesthetics and are usually shot is a highly cinematic style.  To that degree, they are hugely popular in the fashion and beauty industries, or any industry in which high visual impact is desired.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos are a great way to explain lengthy or complex processes in an easy-to-understand visual format.  As highly visual beings, most of us prefer to consume information in this way.  These videos are hugely popular now due to their low level on input from the client, perfect for the busy business.

Green Screen

Green screen filming has numerous uses, both in corporate and creative productions.  On the corporate side, they’re a great way to present information in an attractive manner, often using graphics in the background.  On the creative side, green screens can be used to completely alter the background, opening up huge creative potential.

Our Cinematic Style

Although the important thing for our clients is that we deliver on time and on budget, some are genuinely interested in how we achieve such high quality in our production.  The answer is simple, we are passionate about cinema and it shows in our work.

We bring that big screen look to our online productions by using a wide range of equipment and techniques. Our collection of vintage lens is a source of great pride for us.  They provide stunning visuals that are greatly enhanced by the post-production process, and come close to mimicking the look of old analogue film. They not only deliver eye-watering colour and resolution but also streamline our workflow.

We couple these beautiful lens with the latest in cutting-edge digital camera technology.  From Sony FS7 to Canon C300, our range of cameras and accessories give us the ability to shoot in any condition and achieve perfect clarity every time. Back at base, we use the latest video processing software to ensure we do the amazing footage we record onset justice.