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By 4th September 2017Video Musings

Hello fellow video lovers!

There’s a story that rattles around my brain whenever it comes to any creative or business decision undertaken at Shorefront HQ.

At the turn of the 20th century, Francis Galton asked 700 odd villagers to guess the weight of an ox at the village fair. Galton’s theory that no-one could guess the correct weight was proved right. However, as a keen statistician he noticed that when averaged, the villagers collectively had estimated the correct weight and the wisdom of crowds had been perfectly demonstrated.

Collaboration is one of the most important elements here at Shorefront. Collaboration between not only myself and fellow Shorefrontian Ben but also collaboration between external agencies and freelance crew members, bringing skills which far outweigh our own individual efforts, helping to build a robust foundation and deliver a far superior product or business strategy.

The aggregation of information and skills within partnerships, groups or even whole organisations often surpasses the intelligence of even it’s smartest members.  On that note, here are some of the videos we’ve been watching this last month around the topic of collaboration.


Collective Genius

Linda hill on collaboration in business from a top down perspective.

The Air Jordan

The collaboration between shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, Nike and Michael Jordan led to the creation of the most iconic shoes in history.

Post- Apocalyptic Dioramas

An observation of art, partnership, and the creative process as seen through the lens of post-apocalyptic dioramas.

To ‘B’ or Not To ‘B’

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield is a famous collaboration story outright. But a different kind of collaboration was needed in order to maintain its ethical company values when the business was sold.

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