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It’s safe to say, most of us work too hard.  While we may not be at our desks constantly throughout the week, our minds often are.  In this million miles per hour world, it’s becoming increasing difficult to turn off but turn off we must.  We must seek respite from all the things baying for our attention, otherwise how do we recharge?  As guilty as a lot of us feel about this, we need escapism.  It’s as important to us working optimally as good sleep and good coffee, possibly more so because in those moments where we turn off, the vital elements that make us who we are are rebuilt and revitalised.

This month we were inspired by this concept.  What helps people turn off?  Is it purely visual chewing gum for the brain?  Is it informative and educational so that through learning our mind is taken elsewhere?  Or is it quite simply storytelling and the joy of finding out about other people’s lives?

Decide for yourself, and as always enjoy!

Dan, Creative Director

PS – Please note these videos are not of our own creation, we simply curate and credit.

Dancing Metal Salt

We’ve all asked ourselves at one point “what happens when you drop metal salt in a solution of sodium silicate?”.  Well your wait is over.  Those clever cats over at the Beauty of Science have answered the question by creating this mesmerising documentation of the formation of insoluble metal silicate.  Chewing gum for the brain?  We think so.

How to Stop Nagging

We’ve all done it.  And we’ve all been the victims of it.  But is nagging just inane bickering or a genuine attempt to help?  Steve Kirby has created this wonderful motion graphics video to visually aid the amazing Alain de Botton from the School of Life as he helps us better understand the core drive behind nagging.  Perhaps a spot of self-betterment will whisk you away from today’s woes, even if just momentarily.

Working With Your Hands

Upland Film Co bring us this wonderful portrayal of Ray Mathis, a blacksmith from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  This video is so easy to watch because, besides being beautifully shot, it focus more on the how and why of Ray’s work, rather than the what.  By doing so, we very quickly form an emotional connection with Ray and can even relate to some of his techniques and inspiration.  This kind of storytelling is up there with the best of them and an effective way to get viewers to zone out.


Staying positive is often a real challenge, especially in the presence of so much negativity, but award-winning artist Oliver Jeffers is a shinning example of how resilient people can be.  Growing up in Belfast during the troubles with a poorly mother is not the kind of upbringing one would expect someone as driven and upbeat as Jeffers to have had.  Bas Berkhout’s beautiful mini-doc is a wonderfully engaging story and, if you can justify the time, 15 minutes of blissful escapism.

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