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This month I was inspired by my partner’s place of work and their approach to mental health week. They’ve now decided to allow staff access to a weekly mindfulness conference call.  I thought I would extend this idea and curate a video series of other strategies that could help you cope with the day to day in both your business and personal lives.



We are all fools and in a concerted bid never to look foolish, we don’t venture very far from our cocoon and thereby miss out on the best opportunities of our lives.


Your taste is good enough that you can tell that sometimes what your making isn’t good enough, and a lot of people do not get past that point and simply quit.


It’s no longer about how old you are anymore, as demonstrated by this 98 year old Yoga Master.



Imagine all the things you’d accomplish if you never procrastinated? The Limbic system and the Prefrontal Cortex battle it out in this game of instinct and rationalisation.


Mindfulness allows us to see our thoughts and feeling as they are beginning, it’s very powerful to know what we are feeling as we are feeling it.

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