Green screen filming has numerous uses, both in corporate and creative productions. As the name suggests, a subject is filmed in front of a green background.  The background can be a green fabric sheet or commonly green paint.  In post-production, the green is then ‘keyed’ and replaced by whatever imagery, still or motion, the editor chooses.  The net effect is to make the subject look like they or it was filmed in front of the chosen background.  

On the corporate side, green screens are a great way to present information in an attractive manner.  Speakers can stand in front of plain backgrounds with an area off to the side displaying a slideshow or other supportive imagery.  American news broadcasts commonly use this technique.  Weather forecasts are produced in a similar fashion.

On the creative side, green screens open up huge creative potential and are an essential tool in modern day filmmaking, allowing teams to completely alter scenes in post.  The Matrix and Lord Of The Rings are two examples of blockbusters that used this technique extensively.

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